Cruising the personals

I don’t know other places to cruise the personal ads these days other than CraigsList.  I’ve got enough going on and I don’t need to add anything else to my plate…..but hey I can’t resist.

We have a post on LoveVoodoo although I think it’s about to be inaccessible because we aren’t going to pay for the listing.  That’s a swingers site, for the most part.  He’s got something on Ashley Madison, and some other site as well that I don’t recall the name.  They aren’t giving any returns.

So, it’s now Sunday early afternoon.  I went to visit my guy Friday night.  Hung out for several hours.  I was drinking, I actually did smoke and got nice and pleasantly stoned, which is something I don’t generally do.  I didn’t sleep at the usual out of town spot I generally sleep at before driving home.  We did go back to his place, I fucked his brains out, spent a good half hour sucking his cock until he came in my mouth.  His cock is my all time favorite for sucking.  The cock itself is amazing.  Gets so rock hard at the drop of a hat.  So hard he can pound nails with it.  Straight as fuck, tip curves up at the end.  And then the balls!  Oh, the balls.  They are small enough that if I’m gentle I can suck both balls into my mouth at the same time.  He loves it.  I absolutely love that he loves that.  I can explore every damn inch of him with my mouth and have such a fucking amazing time doing it.   Holding his cock in my hand with both his balls in my mouth…..and if I’m flexible enough I love to look him in the face while I’m doing it.

Can we just all admit that there’s something SO incredibly sexy about having a guy’s cock in your mouth while you’re looking him in the eye?  I know for damn sure he finds it hot as fuck as well.  I almost feel like I’m at church, worshiping him with my mouth and my tongue and my hands while staring at him.  I’ve never met a man who truly believes I enjoy this as much as I do, but then again they probably haven’t had a hard throbbing cock in their mouth before.  No judgment either way.

I’m getting distracted thinking about cock in my mouth.  Back to the original topic, the personals.  They’re disappointing.  Same people over and over again.  FWIW I mailed some seriously dirty socks to a guy a few days ago.  That was a Craigslist ad find.  Someone actually willing to pay money for dirty socks.  I’ve also emailed with a guy who wants to buy panties, more money if I’ve masturbated in them and even more if he gets to watch me remove them.

I’m in the wrong business.


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