A nooner, and trying something new tonight

My steady boy toy comes over most mornings before work.  I need a better term for him.  He’s in a long term sexless relationship and I’m the steady side girlfriend.  He’s also 10 years younger than me, and lives 45 minutes away but works nearby.  I hesitate to use boy toy because he’s my steady and we are so much more than just sex.  This morning we curled up in my bed for an hour watching videos on YouTube.  This morning’s homework for me was being introduced to Super Troopers.

As he was leaving and I was getting ready for work, I thought to mention that I’d be out of work by 1 and wouldn’t it be nice if he could come over?  The short story is he did, and we had a fantastic (if too brief) encounter just long enough for me to perform fantastic oral which left us both quite satisfied.

Speaking of fellatio, why are women so hesitant to say they enjoy it?  I know plenty of women who don’t, and that’s absolutely all right.  Some women enjoy it, some REALLY enjoy it.  I’m one of those women.  I absolutely love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, in my hands, on my face, rubbed against my wet lips.  I get completely involved in the act, sometimes to the point of forgetting there’s someone else on the end of said cock.  What’s not to love?  The shape, the texture, all the ridges, both the head and the ridges up the shaft.  And the balls…I don’t like chewing my way through a forest of hair but there’s a lot to work with there.  Fondling with my hands, drawing them into my mouth carefully and gently.  A well placed palm grip so I can apply pressure…not squeezing so much because that doesn’t feel good.  More like having a tennis ball in my hand and gripping it firmly.  Have you ever held a man’s cock against your tits and licked both your nipples and their cock head at the same time, while looking him in the eye?  Loving cock in any respect doesn’t make me a slut or a whore and I know that.  Getting off on giving pleasure doesn’t either.

So, back to the trying something new.  Last week I found a Craigslist ad which read:

I am a 46 yo male who is submissive and am looking for a dominant lady for some occasional role play. This is not a lifestyle choice but more a mental release when needed.  You don’t need experience just be dominant and a little mean.
You make the rules you decide. What we do. Extremely open minded and will do what you want to please you. Very little off limits if trust is there.

Having been with a dominant for five years, this had my interest.  I’m not a dominant, but I appreciate the dynamic and understand needing a mental release, wanting to not be in control for just a little while, letting your brain go on autopilot because you don’t have to make any decisions.  I do have the occasional dominant streak, and I also love a good spanking and have an occasional rape fantasy.  You should understand this is not to be taken at face value, that’s not how power exchanges work.  I want to be spanked sometimes but that does NOT mean I’m looking for my actual dad to put me over his knee and spank me.  That’s downright disgusting.  Same thing for the rape fantasy.  I would NEVER, EVER minimize the absolute trauma that is rape.  Anyone can be raped, both men and women.  Non consensual acts, sexual or otherwise, are 100%, totally and completely fucked up and NOBODY should ever think they have a legitimate reason for this to be okay.  Having a fantasy of someone taking you by surprise and being sexually aggressive is not the same thing, not even close.  The only comparable term is “rape fantasy” which I fucking hate.

Back from the side track there….so I’ve met this guy twice (out in public for drinks).  He was completely shocked that I’m a real actual person who is what I say I am.  I don’t blame the guy.  I’ve seen nothing but people out to misrepresent themselves online.  You advertise for a female or a couple and you tend to get some guy who isn’t what he says and is too afraid to be himself for fear of rejection.  So this guy and I have had several conversations over the past week, and tonight we are going to meet and move to actual physical interaction.  We are role playing.  I’m a business woman in a sharp black suit.  I’m not sure what his role is exactly but it’s about me being in control so frankly I don’t give a shit.  When we set this up last night I texted him that I was in control now (it was late last night) and he had to call me as soon as he read the message.  And I wasn’t taking no for an answer.  He did, and I instructed him to call me this morning at 8:12 exactly and tell me where and when we will meet tonight (we had already planned on meeting up tonight).  He did, and I have 54 minutes to get showered, dressed in my bitch suit and meet him out.  And I’ve made him call me Miss Shannon, which frankly I love how that sounds.  He won’t call me that in public, and tonight we will be meeting for the 1st time.  I’m excited, he’s excited and nervous as hell.  I’m incredibly protective of people I care about.

I can’t wait to recap how this goes.  Stay tuned!


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